Specialist ICT advice with strategic focus

Van Rij law is a specialist ICT practice based in New Zealand. It brings a tech savvy and strategic approach, with a keen focus on building stable and productive agreements.


Van Rij Law is a specialist ICT practice. Its focus is on helping clients:

  • Deliver on their business plans and priorities (because, at the end of the day, that’s the context for ICT)
  • Avoid problems before they occur (the sort of disputes, hidden costs, lost revenue and unmet expectations that can accompany ICT)
  • Discover options and strategies for navigating the risks and opportunities that are part and parcel of ICT

The lawyer behind van Rij Law, Stuart van Rij, is a specialist ICT lawyer who has been advising on ICT projects and matters for close to 18 years. During this time Stuart has assisted a wide range of public and private sector organisations with some of their most significant ICT matters, ranging from implementing critical systems and rolling out mobile networks through to outsourcing, online solutions and cross-government licensing.

Stuart works closely with business owners, in-house lawyers, senior management and procurement, IT and other professionals. Before starting van Rij Law, Stuart worked in-house for a large multi-national IT vendor and then for one of New Zealand’s leading boutique ICT law firms. In these roles he became involved in a wide range of ICT projects, helping clients build agreements with organisations in Europe, USA, Asia-Pacific, China and India.

Stuart has presented at various industry conferences and events and has had over 10 articles published in CIO magazine.

See Experience for examples of Stuart’s work

If you would like to get in touch with Stuart, his contact details are here.

In a nutshell...

Van Rij Law advises on a wide range of ICT related projects, agreements and matters in the public and private sectors


Van Rij Law advises on a broad spectrum of ICT projects and matters, including:

Major procurement initiatives

Including network infrastructure and rollout, business critical platforms, syndicated procurement, enterprise software solutions, outsourcing, multi-sourcing and managed services arrangements.

Internet, cloud and as-a-Service based solutions

Including SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, data services, websites, portals and wikis.

IT procurement and systems integration

Helping clients develop, review and negotiate contracts for all aspects of the ICT infrastructure and related services (including hardware, software, network services, IAAS and hosting, consulting, maintenance and support).

Enterprise telecommunications

Helping clients procure their enterprise telco solutions in their various shapes and sizes, including procurement of WAN, fixed and cellular services and unified communications.


Software licensing and escrow

Assisting with the ins and outs of both complex and straightforward license and escrow agreements, including working with open source software, enterprise and development licences and escrow agents both offshore and here in NZ.

Software development, support and maintenance

Helping both suppliers and customers build better foundations for their software development projects and ongoing support and maintenance arrangements.

Supply chain, partner and distribution arrangements

Advising on reseller, distribution, teaming and contractor arrangements, setting up “back to back” arrangements and helping with other supply chain related agreements.

Beyond the strictly legal...

Stuart also assists in the commercial aspects, helping with negotiations, problem solving and wider issues. In particular, as a certified negotiation coach, Stuart is able to provide his clients with practical insights into how to build more stable, productive and ethical agreements, the sort of agreements that stick.

Broad experience

Here are a few examples of Stuart's work.


Microsoft G2012 Agreement

Stuart advised the Department of Internal Affairs (as lead agency) on the G2012 Microsoft licensing agreement for government agencies.

Internet and “cloud” based solutions

Advised customers and suppliers on the terms and conditions for Internet related solutions, including websites, portals, wikis, and SaaS solutions.

Enterprise software implementations

Key advisor and negotiation roles on a variety of business critical asset management, finance, local government and other software implementations.

Roll out and support of a cellular network

A lead role in advising on the circa $100m expansion of a mobile network in New Zealand.  Stuart played a key role in developing and negotiating the underlying Master Agreement and related schedules for the expansion and ongoing support of the network.

Managed services

Lead lawyer in designing and negotiating managed service arrangements for a NZ based utility.

System integration

Advised a Crown Entity on the legal and commercial aspects of a critical system integration that went to the heart of its operations.  In addition to Stuart’s initial role in helping develop and negotiate the MSA and related documents, he provided ongoing commercial and legal input on the project.

Hybrid SaaS solution

Assisted a local supplier to develop terms and conditions for their complex hybrid SaaS and on-premises software solution.  Stuart then assisted the supplier to finalise over ten deals based on those terms with offshore customers.

Acquisition of IP rights

Advised a NZ entity on the acquisition of IP rights in a business critical transaction platform.  Stuart also played a lead role in the negotiation of ongoing operational and continuity arrangements for the platform.

Enterprise telecommunications

Advised a number of organisations on the procurement of enterprise telecommunication services and solutions, including WAN, cellular voice and data services and unified communications.

Software licensing, development, support and escrow

Assisting a number of businesses with the ins and outs of software license, development, support, maintenance and escrow agreements, including working with agile development, open source software, enterprise and development licences and escrow agents both offshore and here in NZ.


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